Turn your Android powered device
into a dedicated work tool.

NORM Access Manager enables full control of all Android 4.1 - 4.4 powered devices.

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NORM Access Manager

Software features available with NORM

NORM Access Manager lets you attain privileged control over mobile devices, turning them into secure work-tools in the hands of the work force, may it be an engineer, technician or a sales person.

Enhanced security

With NORM Access Manager running on your device there is no possibility of changing the functionality of the device or using it to purposes not defined by the administrator.


Enhanced control

NORM Access Manager takes control over the mobile device, preventing any coincidental or unwanted changes to device functions. It controls access to all resources, applications or system configuration.


Built-in web browser

The built in browser grants access to domains through a white list. While working in a full screen mode it maximises the web page display.


No rooting

NORM Access Manager does not require rooting of the Android OS, so the manufacturer’s warranty is not voided.


NORM Access Manager runs constantly on an Android device and is responsible for the system interface.

The code for the application has been developed by highly specialised software and automation engineers. It has been thoroughly tested to provide the necessary reliability.

Current version of this application has been implemented in an industrial environment with highest performance standards and no problems have been reported.

NORM Access Manager has been developed for any electronic device (tablet, smartphone, code reader, etc.) running on Android operating system version 4.1 or higher. Instalation of this software does not require rooting of the OS system, so there is no problem with voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

NORM Access Manager has been specially developed for industrial and business use providing additional security for vital business processes. It runs as an APPLAUNCHER, which means that even after the restart of the device it runs automatically, making the security level higher than that of any popular locking apps.

The application does not open any back doors, nor send out any information or record anything.

NORM Access Manager is simple and intuitive in use. It comes with an on-line user manual.

The sofware can be developed for customised use. For more information on sofware customisation please contact NORM – Information Technologies Support & Investments – the developer of this sfotware.

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NORM Access Manager

Turn your Android powered device into a dedicated work tool!